Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Taylor, Roger

(1938-    ) UK writer of Epic Fantasy, originally influenced by hearing The Lord of the Rings (1954-1955) by J R R Tolkien dramatized on the BBC's Third Programme. The common thread in his writing is the thesis that the true warrior's way is achieved only by a person who uses the dark side of his nature for the protection of those weaker than himself. RT's first published work was The Chronicles of HawklanThe Call of the Sword (1988), The Fall of Fyorlund (1989), The Waking of Orthlund (1989) and Into Narsindal (1990) – a multilayered good-versus-evil saga. Dream Finder (1991) is set in a world based roughly on the city-states of Italy and again has enemies uniting against a common foe. His longest single work to date is Nightfall, written as one book but split into two by the publisher as Farnor (1992) and Valderen (1993), again utilizing RT's favourite device of a flawed hero forced to grow and accept his own powers and limitations before he can triumph over the enemy. Whistler (1994) takes RT into less familiar territory as his usual fantasy trappings are hung on a religious and political Satire (priest discovers power and forms his own fundamentalist cult to rule the world). Ibryen (1995) again has a flawed protagonist who must meet violence with violence to overcome the greater evil. [JF]

Roger Taylor


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