Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Tannen, Mary

(1943-    ) US writer, originally of Children's Fantasy. Her first adult novel, Second Sight (1987), deals with an urban psychic whose professional skills are complicated by a fitful but genuine Talent. After Roy (1989), dealing with talking-chimp experiments (> Apes) in a fictitious West African nation, contains what in other hands could be considered borderline sf elements, but MT's handling of her material – as with Easy Keeper (1992) and Losing Edith (1995) – resembles fantasy primarily in the reliance upon strong narrative drama and in climaxes that prove intrinsicate with the discovery of true kinship and location of the protagonist's place in his society. [GF]

other works (for children): The Wizard Children of Finn (1981) and The Lost Legend of Finn (1982); Huntley Nutley and the Missing Link (1983).

Mary Tannen


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