Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Tales from the Crypt

Title of several horror Comic books.

1. Published by EC Comics, and formerly titled Crypt of Terror. As TFTC it ran from #20 (1950) to #46 (1955). It was remarkable for its high-quality writing and art and the goriness of some of the tales, which were used as examples in the Senate hearings investigating the unwholesomeness of horror comics.

2. Published by Gladstone Publishing (6 issues 1990-1991), and reprinting several of the EC strips.

3. Featuring short horror tales and published (1992-current) by Russ Cochran. The title was also used on a giant-size one-off comic book by Cochran in 1992 and a b/w horror magazine published by Eerie Publications, of which only one issue (#10 1968) appeared.

1 spawned the movie Tales from the Crypt (1972), and also a long-running 1980s tv series. [RT]

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