Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Sword and Sorceress

US Anthology series ed Marion Zimmer Bradley, 12 approximately annual vols to date: Sword and Sorceress (anth 1984), Sword and Sorceress II (anth 1985), III (anth 1986), IV (anth 1987), V (anth 1988), VI (anth 1990), VII (anth 1990), VIII (anth 1991), IX (anth 1992), X (anth 1993), XI (anth 1994), XII (anth 1995). The series concentrates on Sword and Sorcery and puts emphasis on female protagonists, without the stories necessarily being feminist (> Feminism) in theme or moral. Most contributors have been women. Bradley has used the anthologies to develop new writers, a crusade she has continued in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, which is similar to SAS in its emphasis on stories of wizardry and retribution. Regular contributors are Phyllis Ann Karr, Mercedes Lackey, Diana L Paxson, Jennifer Roberson (1953-    ), Laura Underwood (1954-    ) and Deborah Wheeler (1947-    ). [MA]

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