Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

US syndicated tv series (1988-1992). Viacom. Pr Robert Simmonds. Exec pr Alexander Salkind, Ilya Salkind. Dir Colin Chilvers and many others. Writers Elliot Anderson, David Gerrold (> SFE link below), Ilya Salkind and many others. Based on the Comic-book characters created by Joe Shuster (1914-1992) and Jerry Siegel (1914-1996). Starring Jim Calvert (T J White 1988), Gerard Christopher (Clark Kent/Superboy 1989-1992), Stacy Haiduk (Lana Lang), John Haymes Newton (Clark Kent/Superboy 1988), Sherman Howard (Lex Luthor 1989), Scott Wells (Lex Luthor 1988). 100 30min episodes. Colour.

The Salkinds, who had produced the Superman Movies, tried their hands one more time with this adventure series based on a younger version of the Man of Steel. The series, freely changing the comics' long-standing history of Superboy, began with Clark Kent enrolling in college as a journalism major. There he became friends with Lana Lang and T J White, the latter the son of Perry White of Daily Planet fame. The second season found a new actor playing Superboy (the first having suffered several run-ins with real police officers) and a new roommate, who often got Clark/Superboy involved in his questionable business dealings. Along the way Superboy had to deal with a host of problems that included Mummies, Metallo (a villain powered by kryptonite), Mr Mxyzptlk (an imp from the fifth dimension) and the apparent return from the dead of his parents from Krypton. The series shifted format again some years later when Clark and Lana left college and worked as interns at the Bureau for Extranormal Affairs; this brought them into contact with even stranger beings, including Ghosts, Werewolves, Vampires and a parade of creatures from other dimensions. The series is probably most remembered today for Haiduk's performance as Lana. [BC]


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