Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Strugatsky, Arkady

(1925-1993) and Boris (Natanovich) (1933-2012) Russian writers who always worked together; the brothers were the best-known Russian sf writers outside the former USSR. In some of their books appear demonic beings from the other side of the world, and these beings determine the destinies of people. But the Strugatskies wrote very little pure fantasy – almost certainly in part because Soviet ideology frowned on fantasy. Their only pure fantasy is Pomedel'nik nachinaetsia v subbotu (1965; trans Leonid Renen as Monday Begins on Saturday 1977 US), set in a research establishment which investigates and/or misuses Magic phenomena from a scientific standpoint; it lies somewhere between satire and Fairytale. Darko Suvin has described it as a "loose picaresque work ranging from fabulistic fun to the Goyaesque horrors of charlatanism and bureaucratic power". It was filmed as The Magicians (1988). [CMK]

see also: Russia.

Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky


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