Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Struck by Lightning

US tv series (1979). Warner Bros./CBS. Pr Bob Ellison, John Thomas Lenox, Marvin Miller, Steve Pritzker. Exec pr Arthur Fellows, Terry Keegan. Dir Larry Shaw, Joel Zwick. Writers Lawrence J Cohen, Fred Freeman, Bryan Joseph, Michael Russinow. Created by Keegan. Starring Jeff Cotler (Brian), Jack Elam (Frank), Bill Erwin (Glen Hillman), Jeffrey Kramer (Ted Stein), Millie Slavin (Nora), Richard Stahl (Walt Calvin). 3 30min episodes (plus 4 unaired). Colour.

Bringing the Frankenstein legend to modern times, this sitcom sees Ted Stein inherit the decrepit Brightwater Inn in Maine. He discovers that caretaker Frank was the creation of his great-great-grandfather – i.e., is the 230-year-old Creature. The show flopped. [BC]

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