Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Strange Stories

US pulp Magazine, 13 issues, bimonthly, February 1939-February 1941, published by Better Publications, New York; ed Mort Weisinger (1915-1978).

A Weird-Fiction companion to Thrilling Wonder Stories and Thrilling Mystery, though less successful. Many of the same authors contributed, especially Robert Bloch, Ralph Milne Farley (real name Roger Sherman Hoar; 1887-1963), Henry Kuttner and Manly Wade Wellman, plus August W Derleth and Seabury Quinn from Weird Tales; between them Derleth, Bloch and Kuttner provided about 40 of the Magazine's 148 stories. Its contents were similar to those of Weird Tales, though stronger on shocks and with less variety. SS paid only half a cent a word, so attracted authors' rejected or early stories and published little of merit. Exceptions are Kuttner's two Prince Raynor stories, David H Keller's "The Dead Woman" (a reprint), Derleth's "Logoda's Heads", C L Moore's "Miracle in Three Dimensions" and Wellman's "Changeling", all of which appeared in the first four issues. SS was a failure by a publisher usually adept at exploiting markets. It folded when Weisinger left to edit Superman (> Superman). [MA]


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