Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Stonier, G W

(1903-1985) Australian-born UK author, playwright and journalist; assistant literary editor of the New Statesman and Nation 1928-1945. For this journal he also served as movie critic as "William Whitebait". The Memoirs of a Ghost (1947) is a Posthumous Fantasy narrated by a victim of the London Blitz (>>> World War II). Swept to and fro, while eagerly but futilely attempting to regain a life no longer his, this panic-stricken Spirit encounters other Ghosts and steadily grows disillusioned with the Afterlife. GWS recycled parts of the last chapter of the book into a short story, also titled "The Memoirs of a Ghost" (this time the protagonist is a traffic victim) for Cynthia Asquith's The Second Ghost Book (anth 1952). [RD]

George Walter Stonier


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