Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Stevens, Francis

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Pseudonym of US writer Mrs Gertrude Bennett, neé Barrows (1884-?1939). She wrote 12 stories for the pulp Magazines 1916-1920, beginning with "The Nightmare" (1917), but abruptly abandoned her writing career in 1920. The Citadel of Fear (1918 Argosy; 1970) and Claimed (1920 Argosy; 1966) are vivid weird novels with gaudy fantasy embellishments reminiscent of those employed in the work of A Merritt. The Heads of Cerberus (1919 Thrill Book; 1952) is a fascinating dimensional fantasy which borders on sf in its description of a dystopian Philadelphia of the future. "Serapion" (1920 Argosy) is a novel of divided personality. "The Elf-Trap" (1919) is a notable short sentimental fantasy, perhaps her best work. Her other short stories were "Friend Island" (1918), the novelette "Behind the Curtain" (1918) and a tale of monstrous bacteria, "Unseen – Unfeared" (1919). Further novels were "Labyrinth" (1918) and "Avalon" (1919). Her final story, the slapdash Lost-Race novella "Sunfire" (1923), was serialized in Weird Tales. [BS]

Mrs Gertrude Bennett, neé Barrows


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