Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Steadman, Ralph

(1936-    ) UK illustrator with a wildly energetic pen-line and transparent colour style. His early work was heavily influenced by the Expressionist George Grosz (1893-1959) and by political cartoonist and caricaturist Gerald Scarfe, but he developed slowly into an illustrator of considerable power and originality. RS has worked as a caricaturist and cartoonist for Punch, Private Eye, Rolling Stone and The New Statesman. His illustrations for Alice in Wonderland (1967) and Through the Looking Glass (1972) won him the Francis Williams Illustrations Award in 1972. His standing as a major imaginative talent has steadily increased with the publication of his own books, including Sigmund Freud (graph 1979), I, Leonardo (graph 1983) and The Big I AM (graph 1988). [RT]

other works: Cherrywood Canyon (graph 1978) and Tales of the Weirrd [sic] (graph 1990).

as illustrator: George Orwell's Animal Farm (1995).

Ralph Steadman


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