Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Souto, Marcial

(1947-    ) Spanish writer, editor and translator who lived for years in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. He has published two unique collections of fantastic tales, Para bajar a un pozo de estrellas ["Climbing Down Into a Well of Stars"] (1983) and Trampas para pesadillas ["Traps for Nightmares"] (1988). Brevity and a precision in his use of language, a quality uncharacteristic of Spanish, are the hallmarks of MS's highly original pieces. While in form some are classic short stories, the majority are poetic daydreams, almost philosophical perceptions bordering on the ineffable, asking the eternal question, "What if?" MS's work, frequently anthologized in Spanish and recently starting to appear in English ("The Man who Put Out the Sun" is in Winter's Tales 11 anth 1995 UK), bears a stylistic resemblance to that of Jorge Luis Borges only in that both writers are heavily influenced by their reading in English. MS has compiled several influential anthologies and edited two magazines, El péndulo (1979-1990) and Minotauro (1983-1987), in which much of the new fantasy writing of the River Plate appeared. He has also translated into Spanish a large part of the work of J G Ballard as well as books by Ray Bradbury, Samuel R Delany, Cordwainer Smith and Ambrose Bierce. [NdG]

Marcial Souto


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