Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Smith, David C

(1952-    ) US writer who began publishing fantasy with the Oron series of Sword-and-Sorcery adventures: Oron (1978), The Sorcerer's Shadow (1978), The Valley of Ogrum (1982) and Oron: The Ghost Army (1983). The Red Sonja sequence – Red Sonja #1: The Ring of Ikribu * (1981) with Horror poet and writer Richard Tierney (1936-    ), #2: Demon Night * (1982) with Tierney, #3: When Hell Laughs * (1982), #4: Endithor's Daughter * (1982) and #5: Star of Doom * (1983) – is based on a spinoff comic, Red Sonja, generated by Roy Thomas from a minor character named Red Sonya of Rogatine, who appeared in a tale by Robert E Howard. A third series, the Fall of the First WorldMaster of Evil (1983), Sorrowing Vengeance (1983) and The Passing of the Gods (1983) – is set in a world which has an Archetype relationship to this one and features characters whose emblematic lives artfully prefigure the end of things. Other works include For the Witch of the Mists * (1981) with Tierney, another Robert E Howard tie, this time to the Bran Mak Morn world. The Fair Rules of Evil (1989) and The Eyes of Night (1991) form a moderately effective occult horror sequence. [JC]

David Claude Smith


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