Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Sleigh, Barbara

(1906-1982) UK writer of novels and stories for children, many blending fantasy themes and elements into "real world" settings. BS is best known for the Carbonel series – Carbonel (1955), The Kingdom of Carbonel (1958), and Carbonel and Calidor (1977) – in which the child protagonists help the magical royal Cat Carbonel gain and hold his kingdom (in the rooftops of our world) against the opposition of feline rivals and human Witches. [KLM]

other works: The Patchwork Quilt (1956); The Singing Wreath and Other Stories (coll 1957); The Seven Days (1958); No One Must Know (1962); North of Nowhere: Stories and Legends from Many Lands (coll 1964); Jessamy (1967); Pen, Penny, Tuppence (1968); The Snowball (1969); West of Widdershins: A Gallimaufry of Stories Brewed in her own Cauldron (coll 1971); The Smell of Privet (1971), autobiography; Stirabout Stories (coll 1972); Ninety-Nine Dragons (1974); Funny Peculiar: An Anthology (coll 1974); Charlie Chumbles (1977); Grimblegraw and the Wuthering Witch (1978); Winged Magic (1979); Broomsticks and Beasticles (anth 1984).

Barbara de Rimer Sleigh


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