Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

UK comics series, inspired by Celtic heroic myth and created by Pat Mills, starring axe-wielding punk-haired Slaine Mac Roth, who first appeared in 2,000 A.D. #335 (1983), in which he first uttered his catchphrase: "Kiss my axe!" He inhabits Tir-Nan-Og. In his early appearances he wore a loincloth and broad belt and sported a gold torc at his throat; later he became a leather-clad punk, and later still he wore plaid trews and a sporran. The stories are told as though written retrospectively by Ukko, a vulgar, greedy, self-centred filthy-minded dwarf Companion. Most stories involve some conflict with the evil-smelling Slough Feg.

The early stories introduced Slaine and Ukko as a Duo of peripatetic fairground entertainers, but then Slaine is taken on as bodyguard to the drune lord Slough Throt, a quasireligious figure wearing antlers and a nondescript pile of stinking animal skins. Slaine gradually gains more respect and power until he becomes Sun King of the Sessir tribe. The first artist on the series was Michael McMahon, whose remarkable artwork, finished in rollerball pen, had a unique and distinctive clarity. Subsequent artists included Glenn Fabry, Massimo Bellardinelli, David Pugh and, most spectacularly, Simon Bisley.

The great success of the collected editions of Slaine: The Horned God (2,000 A.D. #626-#635, #650-#656, #662-#664 and #688-#698, 1988-1991; graph coll 1989-1991 3 vols) has led to a multi-volume reprinting of the entire series beginning 1994. [RT]

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