Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Singer, Marilyn

(1948-    ) US writer of juvenile and YA fantasy, her first publications being the Sam Spayed Series for the former market: The Fido Frame-Up (1983 chap), A Nose for Trouble (1985 chap) and Where There's a Will, There's a Wag (1987 chap). In her first YA novel, Horsemaster (1985), a young girl's Dreams of a winged horse prefigure her discovery of a tapestry which turns out to be a Portal into a Secondary World with a Middle Eastern coloration; here she must protect the tapestry on behalf of the next Horsemaster, who will rule the Land. She herself, in this secondary world, is a princess. Ghost Host (1987) is a Supernatural Fiction. Storm Rising (1989) depicts both the doomed love of a male teenager who can see into the future (see Talents) and an older woman (she's 28), who is something of a Goddess figure. Charmed (1990) carries its cast through Alternate Realities – one of them a future Earth – in search of others who can join with them to fight off a world-threatening enemy known as Charmer; Talking Animals are involved. California Demon (1992) is for a somewhat younger audience – who might not catch the punning title – and involves the recapture of the eponymous escaped Demon. [JC]

other works: Mitzi Meyer, Fearless Warrior Queen (1987).

Marilyn Singer


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