Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Sinclair, Clive

(1948-2018) UK writer best-known for his first novel, Bibliosexuality (1973), which contains elements of Fabulation. Hearts of Gold (coll 1979) and Bedbugs (coll 1982) both contain some fantasy and Supernatural Fiction, including "Uncle Vlad", a Vampire tale, in the first, and "Genesis", which features a fallen Angel, in the second. Generally, though, his stories make use of Fable elements as an estranging device, and tend to hover along the peripheries of the fantastic. Augustus Rex (1992), however, steps vigorously over the line; narrated by Beelzebub, it tells how August Strindberg sells his Soul (> Pacts with the Devil) and is resurrected in 1961 in a Land-of-Fable Scandinavia, which he soon transforms before slipping out of the Devil's clutches into genuine death. [JC]

Clive John Sinclair


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