Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Shetterly, Will

(1955-    ) US writer and publisher; he runs the Small Press Steeldragon Press. His first novels, Cats Have No Lord (1985) and Witchblood (1986) made little impact, although The Tangled Lands (1989), set in a troubled Fantasyland created by a computer is more interesting. With his wife Emma Bull WS edited the Liavek series of anthologies – Liavek * (anth 1985), The Players of Luck * (anth 1986), Wizard's Row * (anth 1987), Spells of Binding * (anth 1988) and Festival Week * (anth 1990) – set in a venue that seems as determinedly charming as the Thieves' World series ed Robert L Asprin is determinedly insalubrious.

WS's most impressive work to date is a YA novel in another perhaps too-pretty Shared-World venue: Elsewhere (1991) is set in the Borderlands universe created by Terri Windling. WS's story of teenaged runaways and punk Elves shows an assurance his earlier fiction lacks. A sequel is Nevernever (1993). [GF]

other works: Double Feature (coll 1994) with Emma Bull.

William Howard Shetterly


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