Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Sherrell, Carl

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(1929-1990) US commercial artist and writer whose sf and fantasy novels feature action routines and a certain philosophical poignance which do not always work together. Of greatest interest is the Raum sequence – Raum (1977) and Skraelings (1987) – about the gradual humanizing of a Demon who, after being summoned from Hell to Earth by an unfortunately moral Wizard, causes considerable mayhem in the first volume before meeting with Arthur and Merlin, who teach him about life here, and falling in love with the lady Viviene. In the second volume he traces his kidnapped love through a Viking-dominated North, a trek which climaxes in North America ("skraeling" is a Viking term for the North American Indian). In Arcane (1978) a Fool lives through a semi-divine life Cycle according to a pattern governed by the Tarot. The Space Prodigal (1981) is sf and The Curse (1989) is horror. [JC]

Carl Sherrell


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