Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Sherman, Josepha

(1946-2012) US writer, editor and folklorist. Her first two adult novels, arguably her strongest work, were The Shining Falcon (1989), which won the Compton Crook Award, and The Horse of Flame (1990); both are understated romantic fantasies that make use of Slavic and Russian Folklore. Child of Faerie, Child of Earth (1992), Windleaf (1993) and Gleaming Bright (1994), all for children, draw on Slavic and Celtic folk traditions, while A Strange and Ancient Name (1993), King's Son, Magic's Son (1994) and The Shattered Oath (1995) are straightforward Celtic Fantasies. JS is a careful researcher, but her novels convey the flavour of fairytale or legend rather than historical fantasy. [JCB]

other works: To the Unicorn Shared-World series JS has contributed The Secret of the Unicorn Queen Book I: Swept Away * (1988) and Book V: The Dark Gods * (1989); for The Bard's Tale Game-tie series JS wrote The Bard's Tale: Castle of Deception * (1992) with Mercedes Lackey and, solo, The Bard's Tale: The Chaos Gate * (1994); A Sampler of Jewish-American Folklore (anth 1992); Rachel the Clever and Other Jewish Folktales (anth 1993); Once Upon a Galaxy (1994), nonfiction about Myths behind contemporary legends; Orphans of the Night (anth 1995), Dark Fantasy for children; In Celebration of Lammas Night (anth 1996), mostly Sword-and-Sorcery stories based on a song lyric by Lackey.

Josepha Sherman


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