Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Shelley, Rick

Working name of US writer Richard Michael Shelley (1947-    ), who began his career with two fantasy series but has more recently concentrated on sf. The Varayan MemoirSong of the Hero (1990), The Hero of Varay (1991) and The Hero King (1992) – follows the adventures of a young man from Earth who, on following his lost parents through a Portal into the first of a number of Alternate Worlds barring him from the final realm where the Elves rule, discovers he is a Hidden Monarch with heavy responsibilities. The Quest which follows, dogged by Plot Devices, is sharply recounted; later volumes incorporate some Technofantasy. The Seven Towers sequence – The Wizard at Meq (1994) and The Wizard at Home (1994) – is set in a Land-of-Fable 12th-century England and features a Wizard whose newly gained powers have offended some Gods. [JC]

other works (sf): The Spaceborne sequence, being Until Relieved (1994), Side Show (1994) and Jump Pay (1995); The Buchanan Campaign (1995).

Richard Michael Shelley


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