Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle [1955]

US syndicated tv series (1955). Nassour Studios. Pr Edward Nassour. Exec pr Don Sharpe, William Nassour. Starring Christian Drake (Bob), Irish McCalla (Sheena). 26 30min episodes. B/w.

With numerous Tarzan Movies over the years, it was inevitable that a female version would make it to the screen. McCalla brought her imposing 6ft 1in frame to the role of a white woman living in the jungles of Zambuli, an Imaginary Land in Africa. Orphaned in a plane crash and raised by a local tribe, she vows to remain there to protect her friends, both human and animal. Dressed in a tiger skin, she is aided by her chimpanzee, Chim, and Bob, a local trader.

The production team later commented that the biggest problem wasn't filming in the wilds of Mexico, which stood in for Zambuli; rather, it was finding someone to double as McCalla in the often hazardous stunts. Unable to find a stuntwoman of suitable stature, they put a blonde wig on a stuntman and selected camera angles carefully. S,QOTJ was based on a Comic-strip character created by Jerry Iger and Will Eisner. Anita Ekberg had originally been cast in the starring role but dropped out shortly before filming began. [BC]

see also: Sheena (1984).

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