Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Shadows [anthology]

US series of annual original Anthologies ed Charles L Grant: Shadows (anth 1978), #2 (anth 1979), #3 (anth 1980), #4 (anth 1981; vt Shadows 1987 UK), #5 (anth 1982), #6 (anth 1983), #7 (anth 1984), #8 (anth 1985), #9 (anth 1986), #10 (anth 1987), plus the retrospective The Best of Shadows (anth 1988) and Final Shadows (anth 1991). The series was dedicated to "stories of the unknown", seeking to resurrect the primitive fears residual within us, and so all the tales rely upon some supernatural intrusion into everyday normality (> Supernatural Fiction; Wrongness). Grant took the stance that Shadows are themselves Illusions, an interplay of light and dark, and used that theme to explore illusions in our mind and their relationships with the world about us. The result was an adult, cohesive series that published some of the best supernatural stories of the 1980s. #1 won a 1979 World Fantasy Award, as did its lead story, "Naples" by Avram Davidson; a later World Fantasy Award-winner was "The Gorgon" by Tanith Lee, from #5. The series featured work by most of the leading writers in the field, including Ramsey Campbell, Dennis Etchison, Stephen King, William F Nolan, Alan Ryan (1943-    ), Jessica Amanda Salmonson and Manly Wade Wellman. [MA]

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