Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Segrelles, Vincente

(1940-    ) Spanish painter and illustrator whose book covers and eerie, exotic fantasy Comic strips have received wide acclaim on at least three continents. He works on a large scale in oils; for his comic strips these paintings are varnished and cut to size, then mounted as individual frames in the sequence.

Nephew of famous painter/illustrator of fantasy and nightmare, José Segrelles Albert (1885-1969), VS painted from his youth. After studies at the Escuela de Apredidices de ENASA, he began his career as a graphic designer, working for advertising agencies. In 1970 he decided to dedicate himself solely to Illustration, and contacted the publisher Ediciones AFHA, for whom he began to paint book covers. International recognition came in 1980 with the publication of El Mercenario (trans as The Mercenary in Heavy Metal #56-#60 1981-1982; graph coll 1985 US). Further volumes in this series followed, comprising La Formula ["The Formula"], Las Pruebas ["The Trials"], El Sacrificio ["The Sacrifice"] and La Forteleza ["The Fortress"]. VS refers to these atmospheric stories, set in a misty, mountaintop world, full of Arabian-Fantasy motifs, as "fantasia logica" [logical fantasy], in which all aspects of the imaginary scenario are consistently envisaged. In 1989 he began a fruitful collaboration with Ray Bradbury in El Dragon ["The Dragon"]. [RT]

further reading: Great Masters of Fantasy Art (graph 1985 US) by Eckart Sackmann (though some biographical information incorrect).

Vincente Segrelles


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