Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Secret Empire, The

US tv series (1979). Universal/ NBC. Pr Richard Milton, Paul Samuelson, B W Sandefur. Exec pr Kenneth Johnson. Dir Alan Crosland, Johnson, Joseph Pevney. Writer Johnson. Created by Johnson. Starring Pamela Brull (Princess Maya), Peter Breck (Jess Keller), Stephanie Kramer (Tara), Mark Lenard (Emperor Thorval), Diane Markoff (Princess Tara), David Opatoshu (Hator), Geoffrey Scott (Marshal Jim Donner), Carlene Watkins (Millie Thomas). Voice actor Brad Crandall (Narrator). 10 15min episodes. Colour.

Set in Arizona, 1880, this segment of the series Cliffhangers begins with US Marshal Donner discovering a society living in the Underground city of Chimera, ruled by evil dictator Thorval. Aided by traitorous humans, Thorval plans to conquer Earth through mind control. Interestingly, all the surface scenes were filmed in b/w, the underground scenes in colour. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled before its outcome was revealed. [BC]

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