Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Scliar, Moacyr

(1937-    ) Brazilian writer and physician, born to a Jewish family. This background is reflected in his writing. His novels are usually mainstream; it is in his short stories that he has become associated with the Fantastic, through tales that can be read as Fables or parables, often with a sardonic edge and a bitter humour about human nature. These stories are mostly collected in O Carnaval dos Animais (coll 1968; trans Eloah F Giacorelli as The Carnival of the Animals 1985 US), Histórias da terra trêmula ["Tales of the Trembling Earth"] (coll 1976), O olho enigmático (coll 1986; trans as The Enigmatic Eye 1988 US) and A orelha de Van Gogh ["Van Gogh's Ear"] (coll 1989). O centauro no jardim (1980; trans Margaret A Neves as The Centaur in the Garden 1984 US) tells of a Jewish family that flees the European pogroms for Brazil, where their centaur-like child is raised. [BT]

other works: The One-Man Army (trans Eloah F Giacomelli 1986 US), first novel; Os Deuses de Raquel (1978; trans Giacomelli as The Gods of Raquel 1986 US); Max Os Felinos (coll 1981; trans Giacomelli as Max and the Cats 1990 chap US); The Strange Nation of Rafael Mendes (trans Giacomelli 1988 US).

Moacyr Scliar


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