Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Schmidt, Dennis A

(1939-2003) US writer of two sf series, the Kensho and Questioner sequences, and one fantasy sequence, the Twilight of the Gods: Twilight of the Gods #1: The First Name (1985), #2: Groa's Other Eye (1986) and #3: Three Trumps Sounding (1987). Out of the Cauldron of Story from which writers of Nordic Fantasy normally select individual strands, DAS has extracted almost every Icon and Motif. In a Fantasyland version of the world of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle of Operas, a large cast – also echoing the Kalevala and sources as far removed as Mesopotamian Epic – is complexly involved in Sword-and-Sorcery exploits. Loki is female. It is perhaps unfortunate the sequence stopped at three. [JC]

Dennis A Schmidt


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