Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Scarfe, Gerald

(1936-    ) UK illustrator, caricaturist and moviemaker who became famous with the political and culture Satire he published in the magazine Private Eye from 1961. So consummately grotesque is his draughtsmanship that mundane figures are routinely transformed into dreamlike Monsters whose most plausible venue is Wonderland. The Animated Movie A Long Drawn-Out Trip (1971) is of interest; GS also did much design for The Wall (1982), a movie featuring Pink Floyd. His original work has been assembled in Gerald Scarfe's People (graph 1966), Indecent Exposure (graph 1973), Expletive Deleted (graph 1974), Gerald Scarfe (graph 1982), Father Kissmass and Mother Claws (graph 1985), Seven Deadly Sins (graph 1987), Lines of Attack (graph 1988) and Scarfeland (graph 1989). [JC]

Gerald Scarfe


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