Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Savage, Felicity

(1975-    ) Irish-born writer, now resident in the USA, whose first fantasy novel – published in two volumes as Humility Garden: An Unfinished Biography (1995) and In Human Country (1996) – is set in the southern hemisphere of a water-dominated world whose six small continents and adjacent Archipelago have been governed for many centuries by a literal theocracy, for the ruling "Divinarch" is (or seems to be) a God. Humility Garden herself moves from being one of the apprentice "ghostiers" – a cadre of artists sanctioned to kill the young and beautiful at aesthetically appropriate moments, which moments they preserve through Magic and art for the delectation of the living – to intimacy with the gods. The narrative is rich and the Sex is intricate and believable. [JC]

Felicity Rose Savage


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