Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Sampson, Fay

(1935-    ) UK writer of many books for children, including the fantasy singleton The Chains of Sleep (1981) and the Pangur Bán series: Pangur Bán: The White Cat (1983), Finnglas of the Horses (1985), Finnglas and the Stones of Choosing (1986), Shape-Shifter: The Naming of Pangur Bán (1988), The Serpent of Senargad (1989) and The White Horse Is Running (1990). For adults, her most notable achievement has been the Daughter of Tintagel series of Arthurian fantasies (see Arthur): Wise Woman's Telling (1989), White Nun's Telling (1989), Black Smith's Telling (1990), Taliesin's Telling (1991) and Herself (1992), all assembled as Daughter of Tintagel (omni 1992). Star Dancer (1993) is an elaborate historical fantasy based on Sumerian myth. [DP]

Fay Elizabeth Sampson


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