Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Salten, Felix

Pseudonym of Austrian dramatist, critic and writer Sigmund Salzmann (1869-1945), who moved to Switzerland after the 1938 Nazi Anschluss. His first reputation, pre-WWI, was as a drama critic; his novels of fantasy interest include Der Hund von Florenz (1923; trans Huntley Paterson as The Hound of Florence 1930 US), in which an artistic young man makes a Wish – that he could undergo Metamorphosis into a dog and travel south to art-choked Italy – is granted, on alternate days. At novel's end, fully human again, he may become an artist; or die. FS remains best-known for the Animal Fantasy Bambi (1926; trans Whittaker Chambers as Bambi: A Life in the Woods 1928 UK), done as an Animated Movie by Disney as Bambi (1942). A baby deer grows up – learning how to cope with the terror generated by the weird Trickster figure of a neighbouring human hunter – until he becomes a master of the woods. The less engrossing sequel was Bambi's Children (trans 1939 US). [JC]

Sigmund Salzmann


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