Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Rubião, Murilo

(1916-1991) Brazilian writer of well crafted and delicate short stories, most collected in volumes like O Ex-Mágico ["The Ex-Magician"] (coll 1947), A Estrela Vermelha ["The Red Star"; vt A Casa do Girassol Vermelho, "The House of the Red Sunflower"] (coll 1953), Os Dragões e outros contos (coll 1965; trans Thomas Colchie as The Ex-Magician and Other Stories 1979 US), O Pirotécnico Zacarias ["Zacarias, the Pyrotechnical"] (coll 1974) and O Convidado ["The Guest"] (coll 1974). He was not discovered by the critics until 1974. His stories display a strong influence of the Bible and ancient mythologies; he explores the Absurdism of daily life, with a mix of Ray Bradbury's nostalgia and Franz Kafka's pessimism. [BT]

Murilo Rubião


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