Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Rovin, Jeff

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Working name of US Comic-book editor and writer Jeffrey Daniel Rovin (1951-    ), who has specialized from his first book of genre interest – A Pictorial History of Science Fiction Films (1975) – in the creation of reference works concerning various forms of fantastic literature. He has also written fiction of interest, including The Madjan (1984), Re-Animator * (1987) – novelizing Re-Animator (1985), itself loosely based on Herbert West Reanimator (1977 chap) by H P Lovecraft – and Staik (1988), the latter with Sander Diamond (1942-    ). Mortal Kombat * (1995) is a tie based on a video game.

Of particular interest is The Fantasy Almanac (1979), an extensive illustrated glossary which focuses mainly on fictional characters, though some authors are discussed. Other works include The Fabulous Fantasy Films (1977), The Encyclopedia of Superheroes (1985), The Encyclopedia of Super Villains (1987), The Encyclopedia of Monsters (1989) and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cartoon Animals (1991). This last title, arranged alphabetically by fictional creature, encompasses examples from newspaper cartoons, Comics and Animated Movies. [JC]

other works (nonfiction): From Jules Verne to Star Trek: The Best of Science Fiction Movies and Television (1977); From the Land Beyond Beyond: The Films of Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen (1977); a series of quiz books starting with The Supernatural Movie Quizbook (1977); Mars! (1978); The Transgalactic Guide to Solar System M-17 (1981); The Science Fiction Collector's Catalog (1982).

Jeffrey Daniel Rovin


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