Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Rountree, Harry

(1878-1950) Highly imaginative New Zealand-born book and magazine illustrator who worked in the UK from 1910. He was particularly adept at creating endearingly humorous drawings of animals and birds in a delicate pen-and-ink style with finely textured dense areas of shadow and contrasting untouched areas of light; he also worked in a broader watercolour style.

Born in Auckland, HR worked as a lithographer in a commercial art studio before moving to London at the age of 32. His first work in the UK was for Little Folks, where he showed the remarkable originality of his imagination in Arabian Fantasies, and where his skill at Humour first became evident. His work enjoyed great popularity for a while. He moved to St Ives, Cornwall, late in life, and died there in relative poverty; a commemorative plaque is displayed on the harbour jetty. [RT]

Harry Rountree


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