Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Rooke, Leon

(1934-    ) US writer, resident in Canada since 1969. Long a short-story writer and playwright, LR reached a wider audience with Shakespeare's Dog (1982) an extravagant Fabulation narrated by the dog. In The Magician in Love (1981 chap) the indeterminacy of locale and era pushes the story to the verge of fantasy, a tactic LR uses in much short fiction. The title of his sixth collection, The Birth Control King of the Upper Volta (coll 1982), suggests the Absurdism that characterizes much of his other work. Some stories in How I Saved the Province (coll 1989), are set in an Absurdist near future. [GF]

other works: Vault, A Story in Three Parts (1973 US); A Good Baby (1989); LR has published many short colls, which are drawn upon for Sing Me No Songs, I'll Say You No Prayers: Selected Stories (coll 1984 US); more recent colls include A Bolt of White Cloth (coll 1985), The Happiness of Others (coll 1991), Who Do You Love? (coll 1992) and Narciso allo Speccio (coll 1995 Italy).

Leon Rooke


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