Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Rogers, Mark E

(1952-2014) US writer and illustrator who began publishing work of genre interest with The Bridle of Catzad-Dûm (coll 1980 chap), and who became identified as a writer of comic fantasy (> Humour) with his Samurai Cat sequence – The Adventures of Samurai Cat (1984; vt Samurai Cat 1984), More Adventures of Samurai Cat (1986), Samurai Cat in the Real World (1989), The Sword of Samurai Cat (1991) and Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies (1994) – which he also illustrated. The premise – that Miaowara Tomokato, a 16th-century samurai cat, quests through Time and space to revenge his murdered warlord – serves as a pretext for textual and visual Parodies of a wide range of Genre Fantasy and fantasy Cinema. MER's least predictable take-off point is, perhaps, Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998), some of whose movies – e.g., Seven Samurai (1954) in Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies – serve as slapstick venues. The Zorachus sequence – Zorachus (1986) and The Nightmare of God (1988) – is Dark Fantasy set in a decadent Land. The Blood of the Lamb sequence – The Expected One (1991) and The Devouring Void (1991) – is marginally less grim. MER is not Mark Rogers. [JC]

other works: The Runestone (1989 chap).

Mark Earl Rogers


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