Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Roberson, Jennifer

(1953-    ) US writer whose first novel, Shapechangers (1984), began an eight-volume series concerning the Cheysuli, a race possessing the ability to take animal form and to forge psychic bonds with creatures of that form (> Shapeshifters). The series continues with The Song of Homana (1985), Legacy of the Sword (1986), Track of the White Wolf (1987), A Pride of Princes (1988), Daughter of the Lion (1989), Flight of the Raven (1990) and A Tapestry of Lions (1992). The Sword sequence – Sword-Dancer (1986), Sword-Singer (1988), Sword-Maker (1989) and Sword-Breaker (1991) – is Sword and Sorcery. [JCB]

other works: Lady of the Forest (1992), a bulky historical romance concerning Robin Hood and Marian, and its sequel «Lady of the Glen» (1996) [projected title published as Lady of Sherwood (1999)].

Jennifer Roberson


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