Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Roberson, Jennifer

(1953-    ) US writer whose first novel, Shapechangers (1984), began an eight-volume series concerning the Cheysuli, a race possessing the ability to take animal form and to forge psychic bonds with creatures of that form (see Shapeshifters). The series continues with The Song of Homana (1985), Legacy of the Sword (1986), Track of the White Wolf (1987), A Pride of Princes (1988), Daughter of the Lion (1989), Flight of the Raven (1990) and A Tapestry of Lions (1992). The Sword sequence – Sword-Dancer (1986), Sword-Singer (1988), Sword-Maker (1989) and Sword-Breaker (1991) – is Sword and Sorcery. [JCB]

other works: Lady of the Forest (1992), a bulky historical romance concerning Robin Hood and Marian, and its sequel «Lady of the Glen» (1996) [projected title published as Lady of Sherwood (1999)].

Jennifer Roberson


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