Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
"Road To" Movies

A series of inventive US musical comedies featuring Bing Crosby (1904-1977), Bob Hope (1903-2003) and Dorothy Lamour (1910-1996), their dynamic being the friendly rivalry of Crosby and Hope for Lamour's affections. In the series' heyday the movies were characterized by a zany Surrealism, the intrusion of fantasy elements, and the recognition by the characters that they are not real but part of a Story. Notable are the Arabian Fantasy Road to Morocco (1942) – which features a Talking Animal in the shape of a grumpy camel ("This is the screwiest picture I've ever been in") – and Road to Rio (1947), whose plot hinges on Mesmerism. Road to Utopia (1945) has nothing to do with Utopia – its concern is the Klondike – but does have dancing bears and talking fish. Others were Road to Singapore (1940), Road to Zanzibar (1941), Road to Bali (1952) – the only one in colour – and Road to Hong Kong (1962), a late, UK-produced and rather weary entry in which, although Lamour appears, her role is taken over by Joan Collins (1933-    ). [JG]

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