Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Riley, Judith Merkle

(1942-    ) US author of historical novels with a fantasy twist. A Vision of Light (1989) and In Pursuit of the Green Lion (1991) set the adventures of Margaret of Ashbury, a gentry-woman with psychic Healing powers, against a meticulously researched background of 14th-century Europe. The Oracle Glass (1994) uses the intrigues and scandals of the court of Louis XIV to explore precognition, female roles and the nature of Disguise. Characterized by thorough research and a strong sense of period, all three display an underlying concern with the problems facing intelligent women in male-dominated societies. As Judith A Merkle, JMR has published academic works in the field of political science, and the influence of this discipline pervades her fiction. [KLM]

Judith Merkle Riley


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