Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Richardson, Maurice

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(1907-1978) UK writer and journalist whose principal genre contribution is The Exploits of Engelbrecht: Abstracted from The Chronicles of the Surrealist Sportsman's Club (coll of linked stories 1950). This, with enjoyable absurdist Humour, involves Engelbrecht – a Dwarf "Surrealist Boxer" – in such unlikely sports as Witch-shooting, boxing literally against Time in the form of a pugilistic grandfather clock, football on the Moon, fishing for water Monsters (Engelbrecht is bait) and a Surrealist Chess-game leading to Apocalypse. Fits and Starts (coll 1979) assembles fiction (including the amusing prose poem "Fiendish Nuptials: A Horroratorio", featuring Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Edgar Allan Poe, Sherlock Holmes, etc.) and critical pieces on, inter alia, the Munchhausen tales and Ghost Stories. [DRL]

Maurice Lane Richardson


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