Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Return of Jafar, The

US Animated Movie (1994). Walt Disney Television Animation. Pr Tad Stones, Alan Zaslove. Dir Toby Shelton, Stones, Zaslove. Screenplay Kevin Campbell and 11 others. Voice actors Jason Alexander, Jeff Bennett, Val Bettin, Liz Calaway, Dan Castellaneta (Genie), Jim Cummings, Jonathan Freeman (Jafar), Gilbert Gottfried (Iago), Brad Kane (Aladdin singing), Linda Larkin (Jasmine speaking), B J Ward, Scott Weinger (Aladdin speaking), Frank Welker (Abu). 66 mins. Colour.

This sequel to Disney's theatrical hit Aladdin (1992) is, as befits a tvm, less spectacularly but not necessarily less imaginatively animated. The story is uncomplicated. Iago the parrot frees himself from the magic lamp but leaves Jafar (still a Genie) to his fate. The Bird ingratiates himself with Aladdin, who has yet formally to be betrothed to Jasmine. Abi Smal, a thief whose enmity Aladdin has earned, discovers the lamp and releases Jafar who, though still bound by the lamp's restrictions, seeks revenge on Aladdin. He fails and is destroyed. Aladdin, with Jasmine and others, determines to seek adventure in the wide world – thereby setting things up for a succeeding tv series. Some spectacular visuals are involved; the whole production has the same joyous flamboyance as its large-screen precursor. [JG]

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