Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Reichert, Mickey Zucker

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(1962-    ) Working name of Miriam S Zucker Reichert, who began publishing fantasy with Godslayer (1987), in which the warring gods of Norse Myth (>>> Nordic Fantasy) shanghai a US soldier from the Vietnam War for their own purposes. MZR soon became a prolific and successful writer of commercial fantasy, following Godslayer with four further volumes of what was soon called The Bifrost Guardians: Shadow Climber (1988), Dragonrank Master (1989), Shadow's Realm (1990) and By Chaos Cursed (1991). With The Renshai TrilogyThe Last of the Renshai (1992), The Western Wizard (1992), Child of Thunder (1993) – MZR began to write much larger books, which continue to make free use of Norse elements to tell an adventure with a large scope and cast. The Legend of Nightfall (1993) is a singleton, and The Unknown Soldier (1994) is sf. With Beyond Ragnarok (1995) MZR began a new series, The Renshai Chronicle, which is continued with Prince of Demons (1996). [GF]

Miriam S Zucker Reichert


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