Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Redgrove, Peter

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(1932-    ) UK writer, best-known as a poet, who wrote his first two novels in collaboration with his wife Penelope Shuttle (1947-    ). These were The Terrors of Dr Treviles: A Romance (1974) and The Glass Cottage: A Nautical Romance (1976), complex and rather overblown Fabulations which place their settings in a vivid metaphysical context somewhat after the fashion of John Cowper Powys. PR's solo novels employ some sf motifs in developing highly eroticized Occult Fantasies. The God of Glass: A Morality (1979) describes the career of a tainted Messiah. The Sleep of the Great Hypnotist: The Life and Death and Life After Death of a Great Magician (1979) concerns the attempted resurrection of a similarly megalomaniac character by his daughter, placed in Bondage by a mesmeric machine of his invention. The Beekeepers: A Novel (1980) and its sequel, The Facilitators, or Mister Hole-in-the-Day, also feature bizarre research projects conducted by characters of doubtful sanity in the attempt to obtain unholy power over their fellows and the prescribed order of existence. The tales in The One who Set Out to Study Fear (coll 1989) – recast from originals by the Brothers Grimm, with the ideological revisions expectable in such work (> Revisionist Fantasy) – are not so conscientiously avant garde. [BS]

Peter William Redgrove


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