Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Recluse, The

US amateur Magazine, quarto, 1 issue, 1927, published and ed W Paul Cook (1880-1948).

TR is of interest because it was the first Small-Press magazine produced within the fantasy movement, in particular the H P Lovecraft circle of friends. Although the contents were not exclusively Supernatural Fiction, many were written by WT contributors. It included fiction and poetry by Frank Belknap Long, H Warner Munn, Clark Ashton Smith and Donald Wandrei, as well as the first appearance of Lovecraft's essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature". A facsimile was produced by Moshassuck Press in 1990.

Cook later assembled 4 issues of The Ghost (Spring 1943-July 1946), which contained mostly nonfiction, again concentrating on the Lovecraft circle. It was most noted for its series of reminiscences by E Hoffmann Price. [MA]

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