Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Reaves, J Michael

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(1950-    ) US writer, as well known for sf as for fantasy; he has also been a prolific producer of teleplays for children's Saturday-morning slots. JMR began publishing work of genre interest with "The Breath of Dragons" for Clarion 3 (anth 1973) ed Robin Scott Wilson. Dragonworld (1979; rev 1983) with Byron Preiss is a YA adventure set in several Fantasyland kingdoms; the protagonist travels to the country of the Dragons to discover who has, in order to foment internecine strife, been murdering children. Darkworld Detective (coll of linked stories 1982) is comic Science Fantasy set on a Fantasyland planet, with a doltish detective and a missing Dark Lord. The Shattered World sequence – The Shattered World (1984) and The Burning Realm (1988) – is set in a fantasized future, after Earth has been sundered into hundreds of planetoids whose intersecting orbits are governed by Runes. The protagonist undergoes occasional Metamorphosis into a bear and has an uneasy relationship with a manipulating sorcerer and more than one Enchantress; there are many dragons and other standard creatures. Street Magic (1991), again YA, is an Urban Fantasy whose protagonist – a kind of Hidden Monarch, unaware that he is a Lord of Faerie – must discover his heritage and save his fellows. JMR is a smooth writer who has not yet stretched his gift. [JC]

other works: I, Alien (1978); Hellstar (1984) with Steve Perry (1947-    ); Time Machine 3: Sword of the Samurai * (1984) with Perry; Dome (1987) with Perry.

James Michael Reaves


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