Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Rasmussen, Alis A

(1958-    ) US writer. Most of her work has been sf, now as by Kate Elliott. Her first novel, The Labyrinth Gate (1988), was fantasy. The protagonists, newly wed and in possession of an odd Tarot pack, find that the elevator they have just descended is a Portal into an Alternate-World UK where Magic works and a matriarchy still rules, though it is Thinning. The Goddess is evoked, and a Time Abyss or two. [JC]

other works (sf): The Highroad sequence, being A Passage of Stars (1990), Revolution's Shore (1990) and The Price of Ransom (1990); the linked Books of the Jaran sequence, as Elliott, being Jaran (1992), An Earthly Crown (1993), His Conquering Sword (1993) – this and the preceding volume forming the Sword of Heaven subseries – and The Law of Becoming (1994).

Alis A Rasmussen


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