Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)

(vt My Partner the Ghost US) UK tv series (1969-1971). ITC. Pr Monty Berman. Dir Ray Austin, Roy Ward Baker, Cyril Frankel, Leslie Norman and others. Writers Austin, Mike Pratt, Ralph Smart, Tony Williamson, Ian Wilson and others. Created by Dennis Spooner. Starring Annette Andre (Jean Hopkirk), Kenneth Cope (Marty Hopkirk), Pratt (Jeff Randall). 26 60min episodes. Col.

A private detective has as his Invisible Companion the Ghost of his dead partner. To complicate matters, the dead Hopkirk is jealous of his widow, with whom Randall has a developing relationship. R&H(D), though hindered by cheap production, provided much good-humoured adventure and often considerable inventiveness. What intrigued about the series was that, in general, the stories worked well as detections. [JC/JG]

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