Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Quinn, Seabury

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(1889-1969) US attorney, editor and writer, the majority of whose output appeared in the pulp Magazines – beginning with "The Stone Image" (1919) in The Thrill Book. Weird Tales published more than 90 of his efforts, the majority of which were set in Harrisonville, NJ, and featured the courteous, dapper, vain, and lethal Occult Detective Jules de Grandin. SQ's only book-length de Grandin adventure is The Devil's Bride (WT 1932; 1976), a mishmash involving a worldwide conspiracy of Yezidee adepts from Kurdistan, Leopardmen from Africa and twin Devil-worshipping Communists from Russia. Different in approach is Roads (WT 1938; 1938 chap; rev 1948), a sentimental Weird Fiction describing the fantastic origins of Santa Claus. SQ wrote low-level commercial fantasy with occasional elements of Humour and imagination but without originality of idea or execution. [RB]

other works: The Phantom-Fighter: The Memoirs of Jules de Grandin (coll 1966); Is the Devil a Gentleman? (1970); The Adventures of Jules de Grandin (coll 1976); The Casebook of Jules de Grandin (coll 1976); The Hellfire Files of Jules de Grandin (coll 1976); The Skeleton Closet of Jules de Grandin (coll 1976); The Horror Chambers of Jules de Grandin (coll 1977).

Seabury Grandin Quinn


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