Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

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UK mini-series (1979) (video version vt The Quatermass Conclusion and cut to 102 mins). Euston Films/Thames TV. Pr Ted Childs. Dir Piers Haggard. Writer Nigel Kneale. Starring Simon MacCordindale (Joe Knapp), John Mills (Quatermass), Rebecca Saire (Hettie). 4 60min episodes. Colour.

There is an element of Supernatural Fiction in this tepid attempt to re-introduce Professor Bernard Quatermass, who again attempts to defend the fragile Island realm of the UK from alien (and by definition unnatural) incursions. John Mills plays Quatermass as though a faded paterfamilias in a Chekhov play; the depiction of Stonehenge's mystic allure, which turns the head of lots of young hippies, also lacks bright hues. The aliens' plan is cunning: when the youngsters reach the great stone circle, the aliens will evaporate them. This proves moderately difficult to thwart. [JC]


This entry is taken from the Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) edited by John Clute and John Grant. It is provided as a reference and resource for users of the SF Encyclopedia, but apart from possible small corrections has not been updated.