Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Price, E Hoffmann

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(1898-1988) US writer. He began to publish Weird Fiction – the genre for which he is remembered – with "Triangle with Variations" in Droll Stories in 1924. By the time he stopped writing for the pulp Magazines in the 1950s he had published hundreds of stories, sometimes as Hamlin Daly and often drawing upon his Oriental and Near Eastern experiences for backgrounds. His best-known story from this period is probably "Through the Gates of the Silver Key" (WT 1934), with H P Lovecraft. Some of his fantastic fiction was later collected in Strange Gateways (coll 1967) and Far Lands Other Days (coll 1975). In retirement EHP became annoyed at being remembered only as "one of the Lovecraft Circle", and in 1979 he resumed writing. In his final decade he wrote a Western, then two fantasies, The Devil Wives of Li-Fong (1979) and The Jade Enchantress (1982), both set in a capably described pre-modern China and describing the actions of the benign female Spirits who assist worthy men through various difficulties. EHP was an astrologer, a Theosophist, a practising Buddhist and a conservative Republican, and his late fantasies capably melded ideas from the first three fields. His final works were the Operation sequence, a progressively more chaotic 4-vol sf series. EHP may be remembered primarily for his vivid biographical sketches of his friends Robert E Howard, Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. A volume of reminiscences and a late mystery remain unpublished. [RB]

Edgar Hoffmann Price


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